Endangered Species ALT

An unlikely combination of circumstances preceded my entree into the world of endangered species…..A family death, an artist friend’s gift, and a change in our established political policies came together as I found myself scratching the surface of a blackened board to evoke the likeness of polar bear fur.

Scratchboard, a medium that was originally invented for the purpose of reproduction in printing, originated in the 19th century in Britain and France. It soon became a popular medium, often replacing wood, metal, and linoleum engraving. As my interest in endangered species evolved it seemed to be the right medium to evoke the dramatic qualities of these animals.

There is no specific order I drew them in, rather step by step I did what I was compelled to do. Each one was an education into a world I knew little about but felt needed exposure. It’s enriched my life and hope it strikes a note for you…


Prints available on request through contact info.